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For over 40 years, the partners of Kehl, Barnes and Durso have been providing the highest quality obstetrics and gynecology care in Middle Georgia.

Thomas E. Kehl, M.D.

John J. Barnes, M.D.

Stephen M. Durso, M.D.

Kristen Vaughn, FNP-C

Midwives of Macon

Midwives of Macon is middle Georgia's premier 24/7 midwifery service.

The term "midwife" literally means "with woman". Midwives are highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals who focus on providing women with quality care throughout their lifetimes. Nurse-midwives are nurses who go on to complete graduate degrees in nursing and midwifery. Their practice includes the management of women's healthcare needs from adolescence through menopause, with a special focus on normal pregnancy and birth. Midwives practice within a collaborative agreement with OB/GYN physicians and surgeons in order to provide women the best care possible in the event surgery or other services are needed.

Jeri Willeby, MSN, CNM

Jeri has been a nurse since 1976 and graduated from Emory as a midwife in 1997. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children and two grandchildren. She is passionate about UGA football. Jeri has a gift for developing strong lifelong bonds with her patients and loves helping women have the childbirth experience they desire.

Ashley Amos, MSN, CNM

Ashley has been a nurse since 2006 and graduated from midwifery school in 2013. Ashley and her husband have 4 children who they homeschool. She enjoys to crochet and she and her family enjoy traveling and camping. Ashley is passionate about guiding women through pregnancy and birth.

Laura Callaway, MSN, CNM

Laura has been a nurse since 1998 and a midwife since 2013. She and her husband have 3 boys and they enjoy travel and sports with them. Laura is an avid runner and triathlete and loves to crochet. She enjoys seeing women through the process of becoming a mother and is passionate in helping them have a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Alison Fitzgerald, MSN, CNM

Alison has been a nurse since 2012 and graduated from midwifery school in 2017. Alison found her passion working in labor and delivery and enjoys helping women discover their inner strength during pregnancy and birth. She has 3 children and they enjoy traveling and hiking. She and her family like to take spontaneous trips off the beaten path.

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